J.P. Gallagher Construction Brings Your Property Back to its Original State

Sacramento, California – Once the firefighters leave, you might think that all of the danger has passed and that it is safe for you to enter your home, but without professionals to come and help you with Sacramento fire damage repair and restoration, your property will never return back to its normal state. While the principles of fire restoration are pretty simple, it still requires years of experience and manpower to perform adequately. This means that if you are a homeowner who has no knowledge in this area whatsoever, it is best that you do not attempt to do this on your own.

Once the fire is gone, the problem does not stop there. Aside from the damages, it usually leaves behind ash and smoke which can cause extensive corrosion, discoloration, etching, and powerful odors that linger around. J.P. Gallagher Construction, Inc. offers exceptional Sacramento fire damage repair before the aftermath of the fire becomes a major problem. With their proper training and certification, they are prepared to handle complete structural restoration and deodorization from the walls, ceilings, attics, doors, floors, and basements.

It is understandable if you might be anxious to clean your home after a fire, but it is best to get professional advice, otherwise you might be wasting your effort in trying to clean up which can create further damage if not done the right way. Some of the services that the company offers include smoke damage restoration, soot damage clean-up, structural repairs, HVAC ductwork cleaning, painting services, drywall repairs, property damage appraisals, consulting services, and emergency services.

If you encounter a flood in your home, you must immediately call for water damage restoration. This is a multi-faceted task. Aside from that, it requires cleaning, sanitizing, and repairing of the areas that are affected so that these are restored back to their former state. It is also critically important that water extraction should happen almost immediately to limit any damage of your household items and the property structure. Water and moisture removal that is done as soon as possible will lessen the chances of mold growth that can start to happen within 48-72 hours.

J.P. Gallagher’s team is highly trained on water damage restoration in Sacramento. They have successfully helped several clients with their water-related losses, including the prevention of future mold infestations and other related problems. This process can end up saving you thousands of dollars in replacement costs. They work with companies that make use of the most sophisticated dehumidification equipment to quickly and efficiently return the humidity and moisture levels back to normal.

Their quick response combined with proper restoration processes will reduce the possibility of any secondary damage, molds, and several other issues from becoming a bigger problem. Their expert contractors offer a variety of services that will help you restore your home to its original state after it has been struck with water or fire incidents. Additionally, when you are in need of kitchen or bathroom remodeling in Sacramento, CA, they are also very much capable of the job.

It is only normal that when a storm hits, it can leave some serious damage behind by bringing down trees, power lines, and the like. If the storm is powerful, it can even wreck your home or business property. Thus, several homeowners hire contractors who are experts in storm damage restoration. J.P. Gallagher Construction makes use of superior materials which can protect you from some of the harshest conditions like strong wind, rain, snow, and even the sun. Although storm damage repair can be costly, it can be a lot cheaper for you if the job is done early so that you do not have to wait until the damage is done to pay for the expensive repairs.

J.P. Gallagher Construction is a company that was founded by Jack Gallagher in 1991. It is family-owned and managed by both Jack and his son, Ryan. Both have business degrees and are licensed general and flooring contractors. Their company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, which gives their customers peace of mind. Their specialty is insurance restoration as well as remodeling. As full service contractors who have over 35 years of experience, they make sure to complete your projects on time and within your budget.


So whether you are in need of remodeling, storm damage restoration, water damage restoration, or fire damage restoration in Sacramento, J.P. Gallagher Construction, Inc. is the company you should call. They are fully committed to bringing your property back to its original state. Contact them at 916-846-0623.