SBH Medical Provides Advanced Medical Supplies in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio – Purchasing medical supply in Columbus, Ohio can be a tricky situation if you do not know what each device is for. These medical supplies are usually being used in hospitals and healthcare facilities all around the world. These consist of diagnostic medical supplies, hollowware, hospital consumables, autoclaves, and several others. There are also a number of companies that engage in trade of medical supplies, and they do it at wholesale.


SBH Medical is a pharmacy that offers high quality medical supplies in Columbus, Ohio. They are your one-call provider for pharmacy and nursing related services and supplies. They also provide full service specialty compounding and infusion by providing their patients with innovative treatment options for physicians and patients. Some of the medical supplies they offer include pharmaceuticals, biological supplies, dressing supplies, injectables, ostomy supplies, gloves, and wound care instruments. Their staff is highly trained and experienced in these medical supplies and home care. They are a team of health care professionals who offer excellent services and high quality medical supplies that will improve the lives of those who need them.


If you require homecare services, their staff of professionals offer maintenance and dose adjustments, pump refills, and a program management by a CRNI. Their physician or office based services include pharmaceuticals and supplies, nursing services, medical/surgical supplies, and pump refills. The clinical access services provided are peripheral/central/subcutaneous/epidural PCA or intraspinal/intrathecal/implanted pumps. Their commonly prescribed medications are Clonidine, Meperidine, Bupivacaine, Fentanyl, Ketamine, Methadone, Sufentanil, Morphine, Tetracaine, Baclofen, Ropivicaine and more. They also have custom pharmaceutical compounding upon request.


Custom compounding can be done when a patient cannot take commercially available drugs or is in need of a medication with very specific dosing or ingredients. Through compounding a licensed pharmacist can recreate the medication that is not available. Not everyone responds positively with traditional forms of medication or treatment, so they are prescribed with alternative drugs that are specifically created to meet their medical needs. Pharmaceutical compounding is performed by a licensed pharmacist whose practice is regulated by the state boards of pharmacy.  


Specialty compounding is especially popular for children, older adults and even animals because it promotes an “ease of use” experience. With 35 years of clinical expertise, superior innovation, and PCCA membership, SBH Medical can create flavored medications for them to enjoy. Additionally, giving pets medication can often be a stressful situation. They find it difficult to swallow pills, and they dislike the taste. The facility also offers advanced veterinary compounding for almost all species of animals. SBH Medical can easily take the stress out of medicating your beloved pet.


When it comes to infusion services, SBH Medical is also your trusted company. Their staff is prepared to administer medications, adjust doses and even deliver your needed infusion supplies at home. They offer anti-infectives, total parental nutrition, pain management, immune globulin, anti-hemophiliac factor products, injectables, and chemotherapy supplies. All of these can be done at the comforts of your own home, so there is no hassle for you to travel.


SBH Medical will listen to your needs and provide you with the personal attention that you deserve. Providing personal services has always been their strength. Through their years of superior expertise and ease-of-use experience, they have earned loyal customers. They are known to be a trusted provider and as the make-it-happen company for doctors and patients alike.  Their local staff is available to begin in-home infusion the same day supplies are ordered, whether medication is intravenous, intramuscular, or epidural. You can easily call to deliver at 866-724-6333.


SBH Medical is committed to delivering the highest quality products, maintaining clinical excellence, and providing premier customer service. They are knowledgeable and dependable which gives their clients peace of mind. They take pride in establishing consistency in communicating with their customers. Their personal connection is reflected in their award winning trophy case which is filled with pictures and cards from grateful clients instead of metal statues. Most of these clients have not even met the personnel face to face. 


So if you are looking for a trusted partner, SBH Medical can make it happen. Together they can provide a positive environment through their quality products and care. Whether you are opting for a medical alternative through specialty compounding or their medical supplies in Columbus, Ohio, they will be more than happy to help you and listen to your needs. You can contact them at (614) 857-6007 for more details or at (866) 724-6333 to make an order.