The ultimate in technology — Airwheel two-wheeled smart self balance e bike scooter A3

A3 still adopts 450 W Sony lithium-ion battery, which guarantees a large power capacity and a long range. Therefore, A3 achieved the long-distance trip in the city for the first time. It is publicly realized that the whole 50 km trip will just cost 1 kWh for A3. In the light of that statement, in Europe, A3 costs a silly price-0.5 euro to cover a long distance. Being eco for the environment, as well as convenient and affordable for customers, A3 will be highly embraced by people worldwide.

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A3 immediately became the focus when it came into view of people. Airwheel’s lovers and followers couldn’t wait having a go at it. The intelligent self-balancing scooter A3 appeared as if it were born to cause a sensation among the scooter industry. This time, Airwheel has made some breakthrough in the design of A3, which is the addition of a soft saddle to the scooter. Riders now could comfortably sit on a leather sadder. Instead, they are able to sit on the saddle while putting their feet on the scooter board and hands on the handlebars. He will never feel fatigued, even if riding for a long time.

Although A3 has many advantages, people still worry that it will break down halfway. In fact, such misgiving is groundless. In the first place, A3’s strong power capacity will guarantee a content range, and the secret is Sony lithium-ion battery. This issue will be effectively eliminated due to continual electric check. Delightfully, Tesla, an extraordinary intelligent car-producing firm, spares no efforts to explore the power storage device for outdoors. If the device comes out, charging your electric scooter outside will be like filling up your car in a gas station. A3 therefore has a definitely bright future.

A variety of breakthroughs is bound to usher in a new era of A3. But it is quite sure that the new product is destined to create a new era.

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