Weathering the Storm—CSA Travel Protection Prepares Travelers for Hurricane Season

More than half of Americans will be vacationing this summer, and the beach will be one of the most popular destinations. In fact, a recent survey about summer travel habits, released by CSA Travel Protection’s 24-Hour Emergency Assistance provider, Europ Assistance Group, found that 61% of Americans intend to go on a trip this summer, for one week (39%) or two (26%). The seaside (44%) and the city (43%) are the favorite destinations for their summer trips.

Some popular beach destinations such as Hawaii, Florida and South Carolina can be located in potential hurricane zones. From June 1 through November 30, hurricane season is upon us. That’s why it’s important to be prepared should a hurricane affect your vacation plans.

2016 Hurricane Season Predictions

Experts expect this hurricane season to be more active than years past. According to Crown Weather Services, 2016 is predicted to be the most active hurricane season since 2012. Similarly, Global Weather Oscillations, headed by former National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration meteorologist David Dilley reports, "The 2016 and 2017 Atlantic hurricane seasons will be the strongest in over 4 years, and have the most United States hurricane landfalls since 11 were experienced during the destructive seasons of 2004 and 2005." 

Even with this forecast, the chances of a hurricane affecting your vacation are very slim. However, it is important to educate yourself about hurricane preparedness if you are planning to travel to a potential hurricane zone.


Travelers seeking more information about how a hurricane can affect travel plans may find comfort in knowing these tips before their next departure.

  • Hurricanes can disrupt flights and you may be separated from your baggage. You can minimize this inconvenience by packing necessities in your carry-on bags. Also, CSA Travel Protection’s travel insurance plans can reimburse you if your bags are delayed more than 12-24 hours, depending on your plan, and you need to buy new items.
  • It’s tempting to completely unplug on vacation, but advance warning about hurricanes is not always guaranteed. We recommend you keep up-to-date on the latest information about possible storms before and during your trip.
  • If you’re truly concerned about a hurricane impacting your travel plans, consider taking a cruise to your destination as they are more flexible than flights and can detour to alternative ports.

Planning Ahead

If your vacation destination is located in a potential hurricane zone, it’s recommended that you have an evacuation plan. CSA Travel Protection offers a dedicated web page with frequently asked questions for hurricane related evacuations, claims and preparedness, as well as an emergency assistance services hotline (877) 243-4135.

It’s best to be prepared so that if a hurricane makes landfall near your vacation destination, you will be glad that you protected your trip costs. Be sure to consider travel insurance from a reputable provider such as CSA Travel Protection before your next trip. It may be the difference between recouping some of your costs or paying completely out of pocket should hurricane-related mishaps occur. Be sure to read the fine print and know what your plan covers. Always travel with a hard copy of your plan, and contact a travel insurance professional to answer your questions before you leave on your summer vacation.

May your summer vacation be hurricane free and filled with tropical drinks and white sandy beaches.