New Report Discussed on Small Wind Turbine (Up to 100KW) Market, Update 2015

China, is the largest manufacturing hub for small turbines, and manufactures turbines of all sizes and designs. Chinese turbines are the cheapest globally, and are exported to many other countries. It manufactures several revolutionary vertical axis designs, including Darrieus, Savonius, Windspire, helical turbines, and Maglev turbines.
European countries have excelled in the R&D of several new and innovative designs of small wind turbines, mostly for integration with urban infrastructure such as buildings, roads and street-lamps. However, they have continued using the traditional designs and have been unenthusiastic about manufacturing and installing the new models. The reason European countries have not adopted the new designs could be due to the negative public sentiment over urban wind power - as most of these designs are meant for urban integration - and also the risk aversion that thwarts commercialization.

Reportstack's new report  ‚Äč'Small Wind Turbine (up to 100kW) Market, Update 2015 - Market Size, Average Price, Competitive Landscape, Regulations and Key Country Analysis to 2025', provides a clear overview of and detailed insight into the global small wind turbine market, covering the key countries, namely - US, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, China, and India. 

The report includes:

  • Detailed historic and forecast statistics for cumulative and annual small wind capacity and annual electricity generation from 2008 to 2025, globally and for each of the key countries.
  • Key growth drivers and challenges related to the global small wind turbine market
  • Major manufacturers globally and in each of the key countries
  • Major policies and regulations affecting and supporting the small wind turbine market in each of the key countries are discussed

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