Syoptek International Launched Passive WDM Components at Attractive Prices


Shenzhen, China - Syoptek International, a globally reputed China based manufacturer of fiber optic tools and fiber optic tool kits, recently rolled out a comprehensive array of passive WDM components. The owners said that the WDM components that they have launched of late include CWDM, DWDM and FWDM components, and also added that the products are now available at attractive discounts.

“A CWDM or DWDM can be very effective for someone who works within the fiber optics communications industry. First off, each of the wavelengths can be from OC-48 or any other normal link. For this reason only, field technicians need not to discard their current tools and equipment. However, they may need certain tools for matching the multiplexing components for ensuring proper decoding of the channels at the receiver end. We are delighted to announce that not only DWDM or CWDM, but our online store has all the add-ons that field technicians might need”, said a sales officer of Syoptek International.

He also said that technicians who use Gigabit Ethernet instead of SONET can also buy the CWDM and DWDM components as these support a wide range of digital signals.

“Among the other benefits of these components, DWDM can effectively increase the capacity of the submarine cables and extend the lifetime of cables as well”, added the sales officer during a recently held press event. He also indicated that damages to the connectors due to repeated usage can successfully be prevented by using the WDM components that they have brought to the global market at a very attractive wholesale price.

The CEO of Syoptek International also spoke on the occasion and he said that the products launched by the company are compliant with the ITU G.694.2, ITU G.695 and ITU G.694.1 requirements and specifications.

“Every time we manufacture a new product such as FWDM , we keep in mind the global standards pertaining to the product category or type. Besides, we have also revised our pricing policy so that more buyers get interested in our products. Our quality and pricing are at par with the European and North American standards”, the CEO told emphatically.

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Syoptek International is a manufacturer and supplier of passive WDM components and fiber optic tools.

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