Top Clinical Research Interview Questions

(1) What is clinical trial?

  • Clinical trial is a health related research study in human following a well defined protocol. It includes both intervention and observational types of studies. In intervention study the research subjects are assigned by investigators for a treatment and outcomes are measured. While in observational study an individual is kept under observation and outcomes are studies by an investigator.

(2) Why participate in a clinical trial?

  • Participants play important and active role in their own health care and can help others by contribution in research.

(3) As a researcher what is your best skill?

  • Analytical, Communication , supervisory , good clinical practice skills, trial initiations and formation of design protocol

(4) What does Clinical Research constitute of ?

  • Clinical research is an attempt to invent a new drug or molecule against a particulardiseases . It comprise of looking after since the inception of the drug still its market release and supervision of any unexpected side effects.

(5) What would be your dream project?

  • My dream project would be monitoring a new trial being conducted in a different base exclusive very underdeveloped countries.

(6) Tell the advantages and disadvantages of a large independent department of psychology and psychology as a multi disciplinary team.

  • An independent department can have a wider scope of experience in the field of psychology than a multi-disciplinary team, but the multi-disciplinary team would be able to look at the patient more wholly in terms of mind body relationships.

(7) Say about your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Strength: I’m industrious and performs optimally even under pressure.

Weakness: I’m a perfectionist.