Heart Transformation in collaboration with C.A.R.E.S. Treatment offering mental health services for anyone traumatized by the tragedy of Orlando, Florida Nightclub Shooting

Mike Schneider of ABC News reports, It was the worst mass shooting in American history.” Early Sunday morning a sadness looms over Orlando, Florida as many families gather around Pulse nightclub to search for their loved-ones. 50 people were victim to gunshot and killed and at least 53 others were injured. The identified gunman Omar Mateen, 29 of Ft. Pierce, Florida was shot and killed by Orlando police.

Floridians and others came out in drolls to donate blood. Now we need compassionate people everywhere to make contribution for the emotional healing and support for the injured, their families, loved ones and Americans everywhere who were deeply affected by this tragic event. These types of attacks has a major affect on creating a survivor type of trauma in individuals. They display a test to psychological experts who need to help the damaged populace. ID of post-fiasco need contrasts between groups of survivors can be exemplified by the physical effect of the debacle is immediate or aberrant (1): the main survivors are the individuals who have encountered most extreme trauma of the incident; survivors are weeping for their close relatives; third-level survivors are salvage and recuperation work force, restorative, nursing, emotional wellness, Red Cross, ministry, crisis staff, firefighters, police; fourth level casualties are other individuals in the group required in the catastrophe - columnists, government faculty; fifth-level casualties are people who may encounter conditions of misery or aggravation subsequent to seeing or listening to media reports (e.g., assortments of people tumbling down from the Twin Towers after the terrorist assault in New York in September 2001).

Robert Torres, best-selling author, founder of Second Chance Charity and creator of Heart Transformation Treatment aka CARES Treatment is offering CARF accredited intensive outpatient therapy with 8 group tele-therapy sessions a week and individual counseling by licensed clinicians. Additionally, a caregiver and life coach will be assigned to provide personal touch to individuals and families.

Robert has provided relief to many families and individuals in crisis such as the Santana High School Shooting in Santee, California. As a Chaplain he was able to be upfront and center and be a comfort to many of the hurting teens. To meet the great demand and influx of those requesting therapy, Second Chance Charity has beefed up their servers and set up a webpage where anyone can sign up online for instant access. As well as for those who feel compelled to donate for this great effort.

Group Teletherapy Sessions Days and Times:
Monday - Friday @ 10:30am EST
Tues & Thurs @ 5:30pm EST
Online at