Liztek has launched a water resistance shower speaker for serving the purpose ofhigh definition audio in water based environments like shower unlike the normal speaker which can eventually get damage when come in contact with water. Never let the water sources pause your enjoyable sessions from getting cornered by some ordinary audio source. Liztek has presented the most wonderful gift to those who love to hear music, talk or need a high definition audio source in water based environments like bathrooms, showers, Water Park and much more. Now you can enjoy the high definition speakers connected with your mobile phones, iPod, mp3 players, mp4 players and other devices with the help of Bluetooth and enjoy the wireless connectivity up to 33 feet range. Now double your enjoyment with high definition audio and high quality sound in the rainy environment!

The shower speakers are equipped with high definition control over audio along with the Bluetooth 3.0 wireless connectivity with a long life battery to never stop the enjoyment. The device easily becomes compatible with all types of multimedia devices like android phones, iphone, tablets and other mp3 and mp4 devices. The device has the built in water proof mic for both indoor and outdoor use. Liztek focuses on comfort of customer and efficiency of product and is devoted to best designing, developing and manufacturing unique products based on innovative ideas to meet the basic requirements of customer and thus provided the best features in the device with unique ability to control the device with multiple options like hand free talking, volume up, volume down, skip, fast forward, pause, play, and easy power options.

No need to stop yourself from connecting or talking to your acquaintances while shower session, or poolside enjoyment with the built in water proof mic. The efficient battery serves the backup of 6 hours with 3 hours of fast charging. The device is flexible to be used for outdoor, indoor, shower and various water based environments which makes it reliable too. The most beneficial part is that you can buy the Liztek water resistance hand free Bluetooth shower speaker at best bargain of $9.95 only.