Pitchengine supports our Troops & The Soldier’s House of Fremont County

(State of Wyoming) – Wyoming has a 10% rate of service in the military per capita. That’s among the highest rates in the country, and particularly striking when compared to the national rate of only 1%.

Here at County 10, we are grateful to all those who have chosen to serve in the military, and we take great pride in knowing Wyoming is home to so many veterans. That’s why we recently partnered with the Soldier’s House of Fremont County, an organization that seeks to support ALL Wyoming Veterans.

“We jumped at the chance to get behind Soldier’s House because it impacts so many individuals and families in communities around the region,” said Jason Kintzler, PitchEngine Founder and CEO, “Charlie and Jennifer share a passion for this initiative that is so critically needed and that’s inspiring.”

Currently, in addition to free, confidential and ongoing therapy to post 9/11 veterans and their families regardless of discharge status, and maintaining a phone line that gets checked and responded to at least once a day, the Soldier’s House of Fremont County, is offering the following resources to ALL Wyoming veterans:

  • Therapy – Free and confidential walk-in hours every Thursday from 2-6PM
  • Acupuncture – Happening the 1st Monday of every month at 10:00 a.m. – noon. Two local, licensed acupuncturists are administering the VA approved protocol for PTSD treatment. This is free and no appointment is needed.
  • Financial Services – We have a local financial counselor offering free review of veterans and family financial situations and helping to coach them towards better futures.
  • Movie Presentations – On the last Thursday of every month, we show a free movie at the Soldier’s House with a contemporary military theme. Free popcorn and beverages as well.
  • Other Group Gatherings – On various occasions the Soldier’s House will host group gatherings for veterans of various eras. Look for these starting this fall.

Charlie Wilson, psychotherapist and co-founder, would be happy to come speak to any interested group about the house and community support for veterans. Interested veterans and community members can contact Charlie and Jennifer Wilson or 307-856-1244. Also check them out on facebook.