Bad Credit? No Credit? No Problem! Says Best Price Dealer Inc. in Hallandale, Beach Florida

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Hallandale Beach, Florida 

You go to a major car #dealership looking for the ride of your dreams, or maybe just something dependable and budget friendly to get around in, but you walk out discouraged and empty handed.  No deal! Why? Because your credit is bad, or you don't have enough of a credit history.

This scenario plays out time and time again for many consumers looking to purchase a car, especially many of today's millennials who simply don't have good #credit or in many instances not enough of a credit history.  

But now, many so called Buy Here, Pay Here Auto Dealerships are growing in popularity because of their willingness to work with customers with poor credit and show more flexibility than the major dealerships. One such auto dealer becoming a favorite of car consumers in South Florida, is Best Price Dealer located at 1074 W. 1st Court. in Hallandale Beach.

"Our motto is bad credit? no credit? no problem!, says Owner Meir Alfassi. We understand life happens and everyone is not able to maintain a 750 FICO score. More than making money on a single deal, we look at the long term. We want to establish a relationship with that customer.  We profit when the customer is truly happy to the point that they refer us to their friends and family, he said.  And our dedicated team in our service department ensures that we have top quality vehicles that are ready for sale," he added. 

"In addition to our excellent inventory, we try to offer as many incentives as possible to introduce budget conscious customers to our dealership, said Marketing Director Lauren. Best Price Dealer for example is currently running a special promotion with a #coupon for $500 off the purchase of a car or SUV.

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Who: Best Price Dealer Inc

Where: 1074 NW 1st Ct. Hallandale Beach, Florida 33009

What: $500 off the purchase of car or SUV