Airwheel S Series of smart Standing two-wheeled electric scooters are Elegant and Relaxing

Among the seven different series of products in Airwheel, the S series of 2-wheeled electric scooter is the largest one. To some extent, it shows the popularity of these two wheel self-balancing electric scooters. All models in Airwheel S series are equipped with intelligent chip. The chip has the most intelligent system in the world, using aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm, and gyroscope system to realize self-balance forwards and backwards. Rider only needs to move forwards or backwards slightly to control it, to speed up or slow down.

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Airwheel S series is smart and cool, which can highlight young people’s energy; it’s low-carbon and environmentally friendly, which fits philosophy of people’s life; it’s luxurious and elegant, which can highlight the rider’s distinguished identity. Airwheel S series is tailored for people of substance and is the best vehicle when people go out.

Airwheel S3 double-wheels electric scooter is in blue while S3T is in fashionably orange. As an identity symbol of young executive, Airwheel S series is unique with double chips built in. Double high-tech chips eliminate the learning curve and also provide more users with a safer limit protection to ensure users’ security. Airwheel S series appears to be unique, fashionable and elegant. High-quality off-road rubber tires and hermetic car help the Airwheel S series overcome various road conditions, especially the S5. You are free to travel whether on rainy or sunny days and never be late for your meeting.

The Airwheel S6 and S8 sitting-posture mini electric scooter , featured by the dual ride mode give the public more choices. Why does a self-balancing scooter only have one riding mode? People should have more choices. When you want to experience the fun of sport, you can stand to ride. When you want to relax, you can sit to ride.

Airwheel S series is intelligent, environmental and elegant, which highlights the vitality of young people and the noble status of the owner to help them travel easily and enjoy life.

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