Learn English 5,000 Phrases App for Play Store Launched for Enthusiastic E-Learners


USA - As the global learning fraternity takes to e-learning and m-learning quite rapidly, the demand for interactive and innovative language learning apps sores high. Learn English 5,000 Phrases, an interactive app with scores of learner-friendly features, was recently launched by Fun Easy Learn. Fun Easy Learn is the app development firm that had received rave reviews for launching another English language learning app, Learn English 6000 Words, a language learning app that mainly used to contain English words and their translations in multiple languages.

On behalf of Fun Easy Learn, it was announced that the new app contains English phrases that are quite commonplace in English speaking societies and communities. The developers said that Learn English 5,000 Phrases is designed for both basic and advanced learners, and for virtually anybody who uses an android Smartphone. The owners also added that the 65 new language options will be added to the app database soon and 1000 phrases will be added monthly to the database. The present counts of language options and phrases are 30 and 500, respectively.

“Whether someone is working part time on either side of the Atlantic or he needs to deal with a lot of English speaking tourists while working in the capacity of a professional tour guide, he can download and install this app on his Smartphone to learn the most commonplace phrases, as well as the advanced ones, within a very short time”, said the chief developer of Fun Easy Learn English language learning app development section. The developer, who is a native of United Kingdom himself, said that they have included common American and British English phrases in the database of Learn English 5,000 Phrases so that people working or studying in these countries can easily strike a conversation with the locals.

The CEO of Fun Easy Learn said that they will keep updating the app at regular intervals and also indicated that they might add many more languages to the database. “We are looking to take this language learning app, Learn English 5,000 Phrases, to the top of the list of language learning app at this moment and we will keep fine tuning the android applications until it happens”, he said during a press conference.

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Learn English 5,000 Words is a newly launched language learning app for Play Store.

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