Travel Photography Company Launches New Website


Pictrip, the UK-based travel photography firm with a global network of professional photographers, recently launched its new website with full details of all its services. The company was formed after the founders took a trip to Venice and on returning home, realised that they wanted more than hurriedly-taken snaps to remember their holidays by. Thinking that many other people probably felt the same way, they began to put together a network of professional photographers, each of who is based in a popular tourist destination.

The Pictrip photographers can be found all over the world, from London to Los Angeles, and every one is a talented professional with years of experience. You can find full details of all the destinations currently covered by visiting their new site: . The way the service works is quite simple:

- Destinations - Holidaymakers who are visiting a popular destination can check whether it is currently covered by Pictrip.

- Packages – Assuming the destination is covered, prospective clients can then choose from one of the photography packages the firm offers. Standard packages range from 1-hour photo shoots resulting in 20 edited pictures, up to 3-hour shoots with 75 pictures.

- Bookings – Once a destination and package have been decided upon, potential customers can make a booking by completing the online form.

It is a very simple process, designed to make life as easy as possible for anybody who wishes to use the service. Once a photo shoot has taken place, the photographer will pick the very best pictures, edit them, and upload them so that the client can download them whenever they wish. The editing process is completed within 5 working days.

A spokesman for Pictrip had this to say about their new website: “Having enjoyed much success promoting our services via conventional media channels, we felt the time was right to launch our website, so that people from all over the world could make bookings with ease. We sincerely hope that our services will provide many travellers with beautiful mementoes of their holidays, which they can treasure for years to come.”

While digital cameras have made it much easier for amateurs to practise their photography skills and popular image editing suites have brought powerful editing tools to the general public, capturing magic moments on camera is still an art that requires a great deal of experience and the only way to guarantee first-class results is to hire a professional. Before the advent of services such as those provided by Pictrip, hiring a personal holiday photographer was simply too expensive as far as most people were concerned. However, working with a locally based professional whose services can be paid for by the hour is a far more affordable proposition.

Companies like Pictrip are leveraging the global reach of the Internet, and the ease with which high-resolution digital images can be transmitted over long distances, to provide travellers with a truly valuable service they are sure to appreciate.

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