Last chance for Early Order Discount at Sprouts!

(Fremont County, Wyo.) - Spring has sprung and Sprouts is ready to share their excitement for gardening with you! The Early Order Discount Sale includes 20% off perennials, shrubs and trees and orders MUST be placed before April 20th!
If you haven’t checked out the new and improved Sprouts web page in the last month, here are three reasons why you should:
  1. It’s a fabulous place to research the 900+ varieties of trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals and vegetables that we grow and sell.
  2. You can make on-line purchases of many of our trees, shrubs and perennials (for store pick up)
  3. You’ll receive a 20% discount for on-line orders placed before April 20th
RESEARCH - Spend all the time you care to on-line, no kids tugging at your sleeve, no spouse sighing at your declaration of going back into greenhouse for another look. Heck, you can on-line shop from the comfort of your couch while wearing footie pajamas (no judgment from us!)
From the "Store" page you'll find headings for all of the major plant categories. Click on “perennials” to find a wide variety of ways to consider options, from sun requirements to height to water needs. There's even one titled "deer resistant" but Griff is quick to point out, “The heading is titled ‘Deer Resistant’ not deer proof!”
Sprouts has tried to make helpful groupings of ways to consider plants. Not many greenhouses would tout "Tough and Beautiful Blooming Trees" but they did, because they know that's what many customers ask for. There's also a section that highlights all of the new plants- trees, shrubs, veggies- for this year.
ON-LINE PURCHASE - You can submit your order on-line for store pick up or delivery. This applies only to trees, shrubs and perennials. If annuals and veggies are what you're after, you'll have to come to the greenhouse.
If you’re not comfortable with making a purchase on-line, call the store at 800-479-3572 with your purchase list. Or, come by the store and make your purchase in person. Also, please call for delivery estimate prior to buying on-line if you plan to have your purchased delivered.
​First line of categories for you on the Sprouts on-line catalog. Each of these headings leads to more discreet search options.
​An example of the information that's available on each of our perennials, vegetables, shrubs and trees
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