Syoptek International Launched Disparate Range of Fiber Optic Tools for Field Technicians


Shenzhen, China - Syoptek International, a leading fiber optic tool manufacturer from Shenzhen, China, recently launched a diverse range of fiber optic tools. The China based manufacturer has also established itself as a trusted global supplier in the fiber optic tools industry over the years. With the launch of the new fiber optic tolls, the owners believe that they can secure more orders in the coming months.

“We take pride in being one of the most trusted suppliers of fiber optic tools in and outside China. From bare optic fiber adapters to fiber cleavers, from automatic alcohol dispensers to optical couplants, we have now launched a vast range of fiber optic tools now. We believe that the tools that we have launched now would be highly useful for the field technicians out there. Since we are offering the products at wholesale prices, we expect the sales figures to go up steadily”, said a sales executive of Syoptek International while announcing the launch of the new products.

Syoptek International high-quality tools are specifically made for the fiber optics communication industry, and the owners said that the newly launched tools can be used for splicing, installation, and termination for of fiber optic cables accurately. According to them, the fiber optic cleaver and other tools trotted out by them are manufactured in compliance with the global standards.

“It does not really matter whether some technician is using our tools in some faraway land or here in China, our tools can always be useful as they are made in line with the global specifications. We believe that the products that we have recently launched would be equally useful for the field technicians living in different parts of the world”, said the sales executive.

The CEO and managing director of Syoptek International stressed on the importance of having a competitive pricing policy, among many other things. “The fiber optic stripper and the other tools that we manufacture are also produced by a number of companies. It is because of our pricing strategy that we have thrived through the years”, he said during the press conference.

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