Stone Glass Offers Reusable Laboratory Glassware For Analytics, Research And Development

Vineland, NJ, (August 16, 2016) - Stone Glass, a manufacturer of lab glassware, is offering reusable glassware to be used in laboratories for research and development as well as analytics. The glassware being offered includes measuring cylinders, beakers and Erlenmeyer flask along with disposable laboratory equipments like chromatography vials, pipettes and culture tubes. Specialty glassware for labs is also being produced in Stone Glass.

The market for scientific lab supplies and glassware is categorized broadly into glassware products, end users, regions and plasticware products. The glassware market is categorized into beakers, petri dishes, flasks, storage containers, pipette tips, pipettes and various other items like measuring cylinders, B├╝chner funnels, test tubes, vials, slides and stirring rods. Stone Glass manufactures all such glass items.

In 2015, North America was anticipated to account for over 40% of the laboratory glassware market. R&D studies in this area use laboratory plasticware and glassware on a huge scale. This is one of the main factors which lead to North America contributing to a major share in the market.

Based in New Jersey, Stone Glass offers a wide range of glass products, including medical laboratory equipment. Whether it comes to Analytical Chemistry Glassware or glassware for scientific research purposes, there is something for everyone. The company aims to bring glass products for analysis, development and research at low costs, and make them easily accessible for buyers.

About Stone Glass
Stone Glass makes scientific glassware to be used in the laboratory and scientific research centers. The company makes use of raw glass materials and is into glass forming, grinding, threading, machining and polishing as well as tube cutting and precision bore shrinking. This scientific supplier of glasses also offers superior support and technical assistance to the customers.

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