Leveling kits vs. lift kits; what's the difference?

Feature Image: Ford F-150 with a leveling kit by Ameri-Tech / Pitchengine Communities
(Fremont County, Wyo.) - Some people may not know the difference between leveling a vehicle and lifting a vehicle.
Leveling a vehicle means you intend to take the rake out of the vehicle (make the vehicle's front and rear wheel wells even). Almost all of these kits are relatively inexpensive to have installed. They also rarely void a factory warranty. With pricing starting around $489.00 installed, every one can stop their front bumpers from dragging on the ground.
Lift kits are much more involved and lift the vehicle front and back anywhere from 3" to 8". Different from a level lift, most of the suspension is replaced to make sure the geometry of the drivetrain stays correct. With suspension upgrades such as FOX and Old Man Emu shocks you're able to customize your lift. If you're willing to take your truck or jeep to the next level, long arm kits are available and will increase travel for off-road use.
Ford F-150 with a 4" lift kit by Ameri-Tech
With both leveling and lift kits being able to accommodate larger tires, you will finally able to get that A/T or M/T tire you've always wanted. Come to Ameri-Tech Equipment Company in Casper or Lander and talk to an expert about what's possible with your vehicle!
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