We think Kris is a great fit for NBA 2K17 MT

NBA 2K17 MT– Wolves' Tom Thibodeau on Kris Dunn

Presumably it was Layden on the phone with Thibodeau's ex-bosses in Chicago, considering how things 

ended there for him. The franchise's second-most successful coach in history was unceremoniously dumped 

when the Bulls players finally spit out the bit for good near the end of the Eastern Conference 

semifinals against LeBron James & Co. 13 months ago. The badly kept secret of Thibodeau's impending 

departure hung over and tainted much of that regular season, too, the differences in personality and 

philosophy crowding out the actual business of basketball.

During Thibodeau's sabbatical year at the Bulls' expense this past season, he prepped himself for his 

new role by paying more attention to NCAA basketball than he had in decades. And he made a promise to 

himself not to get into the Chicago type of dysfunction anytime soon.

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