Italy Sea Cucumber as Anti-cancer Food

Oran, the leading trade corporation of sea cucumber in China revealed one of the powerful health benefits of sea cucumber to people. The announcement happened last month, in their main office during the company anniversary. This is one of the highlight of the said event that brought startled eye to all people invited in the event. It was confirmed by the company’s trusted doctors in coordination with reliable researchers who studied sea cucumber resulting to the discovery of its great health benefits.

The researchers together with doctors found out that a compound identified as frondoside A is responsible in making sea cucumber a great help to get rid of cancer. Frondoside A is considered as triterpenoid, which is a diverse organic compound that can be found in oleoresins and essential oils of plants. Thru this, the researchers considered that sea cucumber can kill 95 % of liver cancer cells, 95 % of breast and ER cancer cells, 85-88 % of 3 kinds of lung cancer and 90 % of melanoma cells.

Before, the company is offering this kind of food to give pleasure to their customer’s palate, but now they are already providing an opportunity of fighting cancer thru their sea cucumber. This is the statement of Oran’s CEO as he excitedly announced one of the greatest benefits of this sea food. With this discovery, the company is looking forward to have increasing sales for the coming months. They are positive that more people will keep on enjoying their offered sea cucumber while some will start considering it as part of their healthy regimen.

Company Name: ORAN Trading Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Miss Lee
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