Airwheel E6 best smart foldable electric bike makes a successful surprise raid

Airwheel new arrival E6 electric bike makes up the deficiency of traditional electric vehicles and integrates the temperament of bicycles into it. This new series product will inspire unlimited fancy.

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E6 e-bike is driven by electricity, rather than the simple gearing of traditional bikes. Riders’ legs are liberated for enjoying a more carefree and lightsome riding. High performance wheel hub motor is unfailing supply of powers. After the overall integration of electrical drive and brake rigging, it is not as strong noisy as we imagine. Owing to the light weight, it is not resisted by pressure in operation so it can perform beyond expectation.

The special C-AT vehicle control system will provide scientific judgment for the starting and speeding of E6 Best Electric Bicycles . People always feel not satisfied for the common actions like going to uphill, downhill or emergency braking when crossing different terrains. However, E6 electric bike will make people satisfied. The braking will be given the most optimal power utilization solution outputted in accordance with algorithm under different situations so that it can make the system to keep dynamic balance in stability and operability. The application of electrical braking furthers the flexible controlling experience.

Double suspension system, senior painting craft and graceful body structure make E6 electric bicycles to have a good-looking. The selection of location for the front and rear suspension plays a key role in keeping steady riding. The coating procedures of E6 is complex just for presenting a stunning color saturation. The painting material not only strengthens the corrosion resistance but also prevents riders from being damaged by harmful substance. Besides, the X-shape structure is easy to be folded which also participates the access of international red dot award and shows its stability.

Airwheel E6 e-bike is a big surprise for us and it will conquer us with its lightness and originality.

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