Aureus Medical shares how to explain telemedicine to your travel nursing patients

Omaha, NE (January 11, 2016) - Many travel nurses know that telemedicine is an important aspect of today's healthcare system. Even though it was developed more than 40 years ago, the ever-developing world of technology has helped ease the healthcare shortage and provides better care to patients. Travel nursing jobs leader, Aureus Medical Group, explains telemedicine so you can better inform your travel nursing patients.

Your travel nursing job may take you to rural regions where there is an imminent issue of understaffed facilities. As a result, this can put more stress on physicians, nurses and healthcare staff. Telemedicine is especially vital in rural areas where your patients are usually further away from hospitals and healthcare facilities. However, telemedicine is also useful in urban areas.

Becoming familiar with telemedicine
Telemedicine, or telehealth, may be a new concept to your patients. Thus, it is important to cover all of the bases when explaining the service. Telemedicine, in the broadest sense, provides medical education, consumer health information, remote patient monitoring and primary care, and specialist referral services. Combined with regular in-person visits, telemedicine is a beneficial supplement to traditional forms of healthcare. Additionally, telemedicine reduces the burden of healthcare costs because visits are cheaper than in-person and emergency room visits. Specifically, a standard ER visit runs anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000, according to Forbes. On the other hand, a typical telemedicine appointment costs an average of $40.

Because telemedicine visits are not as familiar as traditional doctor's appointments or hospital visits, it is important to reassure your patients that telemedicine is a safe, reliable and effective resource. In fact, telemedicine is comparable to services provided by in-person visits, based on research by the American Telemedicine Association where the organization accrued over 2,000 studies on the quality and services of telemedicine.

For some patients, telemedicine is especially beneficial for their health because staff are able to monitor individuals remotely. A study at the University of Michigan Health System proved that patients with severe and chronic conditions who used telemedicine had decreased complications than those who did not use telemedicine services.

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