How to Use A Massage Roller

Massage roller is used by the professional athletes, game coaches and even the physicians and therapists to help the people practice to maintain their physical health and fitness. The massage roller aims to release muscle tightness (i.e. reducing muscle tension) as well as triggering points. This also helps in correcting muscle imbalances; prevent sudden injuries and increases range of motion during physical activities. The massage roller is scientifically proven to bring a major change in the body with just practicing 10 minutes per day. Here are the steps about how to use massage roller.

Massage on Your Thighs: transform your body like an upward facing dog and place the massage roller under your thighs with your toes on the floor. Now press your hands in downwards direction and try shifting your body forward and backward which massages your quads. You can also place the roller under back of thighs and put you legs in straight position keeping your heal off the floor on the same time. Another thing you can try is place the massage roller under the outside part of your thighs, now put your leg straight and point towards your toes. After sometime it’s recommended to switch the side.

You can also place the massage roller under the upper back of your body with bending your legs and putting arms straight. Press your feet and hands in the downwards direction on the same time along with lifting your buttock from the floor like a bridge. Try shifting your body forward and backward while the massage roller massages your upper back. Alternatively you can place the massage roller under your lower back, now bend you legs as well as arms. Press your feet and elbows in the downward direction and finally raise your buttock up from the ground. Also shift your body forward and backward to massage your lower back.

Chest Massage of Your Body: lie down on a yoga mat straight. Place the massage roller in the left side of your chest. Roll across the left and back for good results of chest massage.