Bushfire Research and Collaboration

Bushfires aren't the first thing that comes to mind when one pictures the Canadian wilderness. The cold climate and snow-capped peaks leave the impression that the area is somewhat too wet, or too cold, for bushfires of the intensity that we find in Australia. It is a mistaken impression.

The coniferous forests of the northern reaches of Alberta are heavy in sap, a substance that is produced as a form of antifreeze for these trees to weather the intense cold of the winter months. However, it also serves to make these trees especially flammable. When dry weather descends upon these forests, it is the wise camper who decides to avoid using an open flame.

Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as that. The Fort McMurray fire, which lately burned roughly 30% of that city and thousands of hectares of the surrounding area, is thought to have started from lightning on the evening of May 3rd. Light snowfall, and an extremely warm, dry spring, meant the area surrounding the city were as dry as tinder. It was a dangerous combination.

As the flames grew higher, a multi-national contingent of fire fighters converged on Fort McMurray to aid the situation, put out spot fires, and aid in the eventual evacuation. With the reversed seasons in Canada and Australia, a unique sharing policy was developed. The two countries swap a large contingent of their firefighting forces every six months, to maximise their numbers during the most dangerous period of the year for each country, and to share fire fighting knowledge and strategies.

The evolution of bushfire safety strategies are a constant area of re-education for us at Parabellum International, and this has made our WA firefighters some of the most highly trained and professional in the world. In Australia, battling some of the hottest and windiest climates in the world, any information from abroad is helpful in the battle for public safety.

At Parabellum International, we know that staying abreast of recent research in to bushfires is vital in all facets of the cause, from preparation, through to remediation and cleanup. Such international collaboration allows each country to benefit, from both an increase in manpower, and in the sharing of strategy.


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