Kirkpatrick Creative Adds Copy Chief to Growing Team


Little Rock Advertiser, Kirkpatrick Creative is filling another chair in their downtown offices. Copy Chief, Corey Womack, has been hired to manage the branding voices of Kirkpatrick’s growing stable of clients. A graduate of The University of Central Arkansas and Florida State Film School, Womack brings an eclectic background to the office.

“I’ve really done a little bit of everything. I wrote in both the journalism and film industries before taking a job teaching a couple of years ago. From selling screenplays to designing lesson plans — everything prepares you for the next thing,” said Womack. “I’m excited to help Kirkpatrick and their clients develop a clear message through a direct voice.”

President and CEO, Dan Kirkpatrick is happy to see his team expanding: “After working long-distance for a while, we’re excited to have Corey full-time in the office. His ability to understand a business’s unique voice, and convey that in interesting, compelling ways is really going to change the ballgame around here.”

Womack will not only be working with businesses on story-based branding, but also helping the Kirkpatrick team to focus their message and bring in more clients.

Story-based branding is what Kirkpatrick calls the company’s unique process of developing each advertising strategy, based on that client’s story and mission. “We want to make ads and use stories to sell,” said Kirkpatrick. “Corey’s unique storytelling perspective is integral to honing this method.”

About Kirkpatrick Creative:

Kirkpatrick Creative was founded by Dan Kirkpatrick in 1978. Their focus on data-driven marketing has generated thousands of leads for law firms over the years. They began applying their system to agricultural equipment sales in 2011. Their client list includes attorneys and small businesses throughout the Southeast and nationwide.

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