SISTERS, OR – May 2016 – Cascade Street Distillery has created a truly unique gin drinking experience with the use of pine pods indigenous to Central Oregon.  The American West style Gin features Ponderosa Pine pods, juniper berries and sage.   The combination delivers an unmistakably Central Oregon aroma to it. 


The reason we wanted to use ponderosa pines is we were trying to figure out that very distinct Central Oregon smell – which is the pine pods in spring,” said Nick Beasley owner of Cascade Street Distillery. “We wanted to take the essence of Central Oregon and put it in a bottle.  And with Sisters, Oregon being an old western outlaw town, we wanted to make this an American West style Gin.”


South Sister Gin is a small batch craft gin that delivers a unique blend of an exceptional citrus forward base and handpicked juniper berries, desert sage and Ponderosa Pine pods. Its botanicals include juniper, coriander, orris root, angelica root, cardamom, licorice root, grains of paradise and citrus peel.  Sage gives a garden fresh bouquet with a hint of citrus; the pine pod’s sugary sap water creates a unique and intense pine flavor with a sweet citrusy aftertaste. The slight golden hue is the result of these all-natural ingredients sourced from Central Oregon’s high desert.


“A lot of non gin drinkers like this South Sister Gin”, said Beasley.  This comes from our pristine mountain spring water, which produces a delicious gin that is exceptionally well rounded”.

Founded in 2015 by brother and sister team Nick and Katie Beasley, Cascade Street Distillery is based in the old west town of Sisters, Oregon.  
Surrounded by endless forests, hundreds of pristine lakes and back-dropped by 10,000-foot Cascade Mountain Peaks, Cascade Street Distillery produces its small-batch, handmade spirits with exceptional ingredients and care.  At the core of its spirits is Central Oregon’s mountain spring water, which is considered some of the best in the world.