Get Your Life Back on Track with Trusted Public Adjusters in Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia – Like several people, you probably have not memorized the full details of your home insurance policy even though these details are very important if your property ever suffers from any major damage due to fire, earthquake, or other disasters. If you are currently facing a property loss claim and are not fully knowledgeable of your policies, you can always turn to one of the trusted public adjusters in Atlanta, GA to help decipher your policy and try to get a fair settlement with your insurance company. They can work with both individuals and businesses, but most of all they can cater to individual policyholders.

Professional Adjusting and Consulting Service, LLC (PACS) is cable of managing your entire claims process from beginning to end so that you no longer have to be stressed with all the processes involved. They specialize in homeowners losses and their insurance claims including the landlord’s “rental property.” They go out of their way to handle the structural damages and restoration, displacement and additional living expenses or loss of rent, including single or multi-family housing, mobile homes, condos, or any other property. They can handle your tenant insurance claims as well.

 PACS is the team of professional Atlanta public adjusters who can also handle your building damages, inventory and merchandise, loss of business income and other expenses such as landlord domains, tenant contract leasings, condominium units or suite classifications, multiple policy coverage, manuscripts (custom), and specialized contracts, among others.

 They will document the facts of the claim and determine the values of benefits that are owed to you by researching policy coverage and estimating costs. They will meet with your insurance company professionals to verify the extent of all the loss and damages that need to be included in the claim, then they will proceed to negotiate a settlement and secure the claim payments for the total amount owed to their clients, and lastly they will work with their team of professionals in order to assist them to proving the worth of the claims.

 To complete the process, they will evaluate structural repairs and restoration, personal property replacement or repair, and loss of use which includes your additional living expenses and rental income needed. They will testify as registered experts with the court systems to provide a solid defense to all of your claim rights, entitlements, and financial benefits that are owed to you. They will assist with state investigations of insurance companies and they can also act as consultants for any of your claims that involve legal liability wherein attorneys will pursue recovery from a third party entity that might be at fault for causing damages or injuries to their clients.

 If you are in a situation where someone has been injured or their property has been damaged and they make a claim against you for it, the PACS can protect you, your property, and your interests. They will assist you with all of the premises for personal injury, homeowner or landlord liability, and commercial real property liability. Having a lawyer might not be necessary upon their review, but they will definitely assist you with any of your needs that involve legal counseling.

 Their team of professionals help people recover from difficult situations every day, especially when their claims are wrongfully not paid or are under-paid. They are true experts with years of experience under their names. They will discuss your claims and inspect your loss and damage for free. They are consultants with the expertise, and each of them holds multiple qualified industry licenses, certifications, and professional designations.

 The president of their company is a master general adjuster, an expert who will be involved in all of the claims since he has experience negotiating claims settlements at an advanced level. He has a career that currently spans for over 29 years. His experience started since 1986 and has dealt with several prominent insurance organizations.

 Public Adjusting and Consulting, LLC deals with all the processes involved in your claims settlement. Their expertise and majority practice is on fire and water damage and restoration, and similar emergency restorations. They will handle any other type of damages that include wind, hail, vandalism, theft, collapse, and many others. For your free claim, contact them at 470-222-0912 or email them at or They are your trusted and reliable team of public adjusters in Atlanta, GA.