anounces Freezer Grade Storage Labels that stand up to extreme cold.
August 12, 2016 -
Ordinary label sheets are not meant to be used in cold storage conditions and can fall off or be ruined, risking sample mix-ups and content confusion.’s new Cryogenic All Tempre-ture Storage Labels feature a strong, permanent adhesive that will withstand cold storage tem-peratures and maintain adhesion to glass, plastic, cardboard and more, even in liquid nitrogen cooled to -60°F.

“These cryogenic all Tempreture labels are ideal for use in -60°F to +200°F environments, for either short or long term storage,” according to Roy Harris, Label Engineer at
Available in sheets or rolls, circles, Squares or rectangles, and in bright white, the labels come blank and are customizable for each lab’s needs.
“Sheets can be fed through a standard ink jet or laser printer utilizing our pdf file templates or creating a custom template in word format,” added Harris. “Non-water soluble markers or pens are also suitable for writing directly on the labels.”’s Cryogenic All Tempreture Storage Labels are priced from $68.88 for 500 sheets to $118.88 for 1,000 sheets depending on the label sheet size. Free samples can be obtained by visiting or emailing us at

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