Marcus Thyer Launches INDIEGOGO Campaign For Establishing First Depot With 15 Custom Bikes

Being an ethical offline/online brand promotion and e-bike rental company, it has always been their aim to transform the bikes into moving billboards. While the fleets of custom built electric bikes are used by the young travelers and locals, they will pave the path for businesses to reach different areas that will potentially add to the profit making agenda of those businesses. They are Spark Cycles and they take the bid to launch a fund raising campaign on INDIEGOGO for the purpose of establishing the first depot that is to be launched with 15 custom bikes in Sydney, Australia. The company makes it easier for the riders to save money as they offer half of the rent back if the advertising branding is visible in the picture of the bike posted on social media. With the belief that anywhere in the world that has bike paths and backpackers is potent enough to have Spark Cycles depot, they are planning to set up the depots under a franchise model. This campaign has the goal of raising $150,000 AUD out of which $ 1,057 AUD has already been raised by 14 backers. Helping one to leverage a cool brand to associate with, Spark Cycles does not only promote environment-friendly commute but also unravels the opportunity for brands to travel across parks and tourist locations.

The bikes offered by Spark Cycles ensure repeated engrossment with the experience. Having been designed in compliance with a 250watt motor in the front wheel and a powered gearing system in the rear wheel, the bikes automatically help one to stay in the correct gear.

While backing the project with $30 AUD brings the opportunity for one to have the bike rented for half day, contribution of $ 99 AUD will pave the path for one to have limited edition organic cotton t-shirt. By funding the project with $ 3360 AUD, one can have ad space on 4 bikes for a week.

About Spark Cycles:
Spark Cycles is a reputed company that offers ethical offline/online brand promotion and e-bike for rental.

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