Opening a New Checking Account Is Now Easy with BBVA Compass

Opening a new bank account is not an easy task for those clients, who are in the ChexSystems. This is because the service is generally provided only by those banks that do not use ChexSystems when looking through the new account applications before their approval. For those, who wish to avoid the time-taking procedure, BBVA Compass offers a smart way out of the situation.

BBVA Compass is a renowned and trusted bank, which provides free checking accounts without using ChexSystems. This is what makes the financial institution so popular and credible these days. The procedure of opening an account at this bank is quite easy and does not take much time. What a client has to do is to apply for the checking account and wait for its approval. As soon as the formalities are settled, a client can pay off the bills to stay consistent with them.

Accounts offered by the bank come with a variety of special features that are meant to simplify the money management process. These include online and mobile banking options, customizable alerts, versatile bill payment solutions and more. Each account is served via the free Visa Debit Card. When used in the ATMs operated by the bank, no fees are charged for the transactions made. This is another benefit that speaks in favor of the credibility and reliability of the financial institution.

As of today, BBVA Compass offers three guaranteed checking accounts without ChexSystems. These include Free Checking account, NBA Checking account and Premium Checking account. Each option comes with its terms and conditions, so it makes sense to specify them in advance.

When applying for a new credit account, most banks require financial history of a prospective client. This does not happen when applying for an account at BBVA Compass. They do not pay any attention to the financial history of a client, considering the issue not that important. The customer support service of the bank is available any time of the day, so if there are any questions or problems a client faces out of a sudden, they are ready to provide immediate assistance.

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About the Company:

BBVA Compass is a credible bank that offers free saving and checking accounts without using ChexSystems. Due to this fact, the bank has already won reputation among hundreds of satisfied clients. The banking institution does not check the financial history of those clients, who are going to apply for a new account. Instead, they offer the most suitable terms, accounts and plans to meet the needs and financial abilities of each customer. The bank also offers a variety of other financial services their customers can make use of any time of the day.

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