Winter Pool Maintenance

The cooler winter months may find your family indoors more often than splashing in the pool, unless they are an especially hardy bunch. As such, many pools tend to attract less attention over the winter months. But this can be dangerous for the health and viability of your pool. While it is easy to forget about basic pool maintenance during the off-season, one must remember to apply the basics of pool maintenance. These include:

Staying on top
Pool maintenance is far more simple when it is performed regularly, so it is absolutely vital not to allow problems to build up over time. By keeping on top of your PH and chlorine levels, ensuring that the pool is kept clean throughout the winter with the use of a quality cover, and minding the filter, you can ensure that you won’t have a massive amount of work to do to get it ready when the weather warms back up.

Sticking to a schedule
Irregular maintenance won’t do it: have a pool maintenance schedule, and ensure that you stick with it. Many tend towards the weekly schedule of taking care of it, or having a designated day per week where an hour is devoted to the pool. This will prevent possible issues from running out of control, while remaining undetected.

Shock Treatments and filters are a winning combination
A quality shock treatment for your pool can make a huge difference in the way that it weathers the cooler weather and algae growth. In order to distribute it property, don’t forget to turn your filter on, and run it until the treatment itself has percolated throughout the water.

With these steps taken care of, your pool will be sorted and ready to keep you and your family and friends cooled off and happy through the summer. Visit Design Pools to see some of our award-winning bespoke pool designs today!


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