High Quality and Personalized Towing and Recovery by Safe Towing

Since 2008, Safe Towing has been providing excellent Cary towing and recovery service that have helped countless of motorists out of their roadside situation and back on track. They provide high quality and personal service at very competitive rates. They are a team of professional and friendly drivers, technicians and crewmen who are at your beck and call whenever you are in need of towing and roadside assistance.

Keeping your car on the road is a full time job for anyone. However, sometimes things just happen that will leave you helpless in the middle of nowhere. Your battery dies; you ran over a sharp debris and get a flat tire; you get stuck in mud, snow or in a ditch; or you lock yourself out of your car. Sometimes, no matter how careful or responsible of a car owner you are, situations like these just come crashing and cause you so much trouble and inconvenience. If you are in the City of Cary, Apex or Raleigh, North Carolina, you don’t have to suffer for every breakdown or flat tire. Safe Towing is just a call away. They will come to your rescue and save you from the rough situation you are in.

Cary towing and recovery is the expertise of the company, carefully and efficiently transporting your vehicle to the nearest reliable auto repair shop to get necessary fixes done as soon as possible. Nonetheless, their crew are also capable of doing basic repairs. When they can fix the situation, they would to help you back on the road in the least possible time. But if the situation is more serious, they will have to tow your vehicle and let expert repairmen handle the situation. Whether you have a car, truck, motorbike, and other type of vehicle, the company is ready to cater to your towing needs.

Safe Towing can assist with both residential and commercial towing needs, as well. For those who may have machineries, farm equipment and other similar heavy items that need to be transported, they have the proper tow trucks that will specifically fit your requirements. All their vehicles and equipment are regularly inspected and maintained at top working condition to maximize safety during the loading, transporting and offloading of the items. Additionally, they also regularly review their truck operators’ knowledge of safety procedures on securing, hooking, transporting and when retrieving vehicles. They are available day in and day out to respond to your call anytime and anywhere within their service area.

Aside from professional Cary towing, the company is also able to help you with certain roadside assistance needs. Their staff can also perform tire changing, jumpstarting, winch-outs and vehicle lockouts for any make and model. These are some of the most common roadside problems that can happen to anyone. And when you find yourself in any of these, there is no need to worry as long as you have Safe Towing’s contact details in hand.

Finally, for those who may have a junk car in their yard, you can sell it off to them for the best value. Instead of letting your old, rotting car take up precious space in your property, let them take a look and give you a good price for it. Whether the car is running or not, totaled or even without a title, they will be more than happy to buy it from you. If you agree with their offer, they will pay you cash on the spot. As an added bonus, their crew will remove the car from your property for free! Thus, you will not have to trouble yourself transporting the vehicle to their facility; they will do the towing themselves. So if you have a junk car lying around, call them up for a free estimate and you just might be lucky enough to earn big bucks.

Safe Towing has been in the business for almost a decade. They offer high quality and personalized services that will surely meet your expectations. They currently service Apex, Raleigh and Cary. Towing and recovery is their expertise, but you can also rely on them for many of your roadside assistance needs like flat tire change, jumpstart and car lockout. If you are in need of their services, give them a call at 919-235-2979.