Physical therapist opens up about his job and the community

(Fremont County, Wyo.) - John Schutt is a physical therapist who started working at Teton Therapy in the summer of 2013. When he was on the job hunt, he knew that he wanted to move West so that he could enjoy the mountains and the outdoor lifestyle. When he first came to Wyoming, he knew he hit the jackpot.“What I found here in Wyoming was all of what I was looking for in spades,” he says.
He originally hails from Chicago, but his newfound home is truly a skier, hunter, and fisherman’s paradise. When he’s not looking for adventure in these great outdoors, John is doing everything possible to help and heal patients suffering from a range of issues, including back pain, joint replacements, and headaches.
Before he became a physical therapist, John knew he loved helping people, and he really enjoyed science and anatomy. Then, one day, he worked with a physical therapy patient. He found himself asking her question after question about her injury, and was completely engaged. That’s all it took—he was hooked!
John recently accepted a promotion as Vice President of Operation at Teton Therapy. He has a strong vision and desire for increasing Teton Therapy’s capacity for delivering a better quality-of-life to Wyomingites.
Communication - John believes that one thing that sets Teton Therapy apart is their commitment to communication. From start-to-finish, everyone is involved in the communication process with patients and doctors.
​He sees the process as a triangle, where the patient, doctor, and therapist are always connected. The patient is at the top of the triangle because they are the most important part of the process. The doctor and the therapist are there to support and heal the patient. And the best way a therapist can ensure their patients’ success? Communication!
“We’re Not Just a Gym” - John also believes that Teton Therapy stands apart in their quality of care because their therapists use a combination of hands-on, manual therapy along with strengthening and exercise to increase their patients’ independence. “We’re not just a gym,” he says. “We want patients to know they’re getting their time and money’s worth.”
At some point during a treatment, the therapist has their hands on the patient, which utilizes their highly specialized training to the great benefit of the patient. With this hands-on approach, every treatment plan is personalized and tailored specifically to the individual patient.
Commitment - Physical and Occupational therapy are important commitments for both the therapist and the patient. The patient is committing to their plan-of-care. The therapist is committing to doing everything in their power to ensure the patient gets better, stronger, and more confident in the shortest period of time possible. John believes that everyone from the front desk to the therapists to the billing managers are 100% committed to help and heal every single patient.
Community - He also notes that there is a strong sense of community present at Teton Therapy. There is a strong connection amongst the staff members. They are constantly lending their hands and supporting each other in and out of the office.
In addition, the staff also fosters close relationships with the patients. A patient has to trust their therapist and trust that they have a support system in order to succeed and return to a higher quality of living. When a patient visits their physical or occupational therapist two or three times per week, you can’t help but develop a bond.
There is truly a strong sense of family.
As the new VPO, John’s job will be to tie everything together—treatment, patient progress, communication—to ensure that each and every patient is receiving the highest quality care possible.
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