keyboard_arrow_up Trotted out Fournier 2818 Marked Cards for Westerner Poker Players


China -, the online store of Guangzhou Marked Playing Cards Trading Co., made it official today that the Fournier 2818 marked cards have already been added to their product line. The owners claimed that the marked Fournier 2818 cards would especially help Russian poker players as well as poker players living in the western countries in general. They also added that these could potentially be one of the most fail-safe poker cheating devices that pokers players worldwide can use.

“Fournier 2818 marked cards are especially in high demand in areas like Russia and almost all the European countries. It is a matter of great delight that USA players have also grown a liking for this particular card in recent times. This is because we have active sales channel partnerships with USA dealers and we can easily supply these cards to the mainland USA, apart from Russia and the other European countries”, said a top sales manager of He also informed that the original Fournier cards are manufactured in Spain and maintained that these are actually superior quality plastic cards.

“Although these are plastic cards, we can mark these cards perfectly and quite elegantly, so much so that the cards look original to someone who is not using a special contact lens or something. Let alone amateurs, even seasoned pros cannot tell apart a marked Fournier 2818 card from an original one. We have the right skills and technology to create big or small marks on the Fournier cards that look quite identical to their unadulterated counterparts”, the sales manager informed. He also claimed that the newly released cards can be seen under sunshine light, low light, yellow light, and under fluorescent lamps as well.

The CEO and managing director of Guangzhou Marked Playing Cards Trading Co. expressed great joy over the launch of the new products. “We always wanted to meet the precise needs of the poker players around the world and the launch of the new Fournier 2818 marked cards cements our commitment towards our customers”, he told the press here in Guangzhou before signing off.

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