Showcase Cabinetry, Inc. is Michigan’s Renowned Custom Cabinet Maker

Your kitchen cabinets can be one of the most important elements in the kitchen besides the stove and the sink. Thus, when you decide to get some new cabinets, one of the things that you also need to decide on is whether you will get custom-made cabinets or pre-made sets which you can get from either hardware stores or other cabinet business stores. When you decide on having a business create cabinets for you, make sure that these cabinets will last a long time. Depending on the layout of your kitchen, cabinets can be made to fit even the most unusual of layouts. Custom cabinets offer great amounts of flexibility when it comes to the raw materials used to create them, the style and the finish used on them. So you as the owner can actually dictate on the price that you’d want to shed out in making the cabinet. This being said, one of the best makers of custom cabinets in Michigan is Showcase Cabinetry, Inc. 

Showcase Cabinetry Inc. has been in the business for over two decades, and they have been growing ever since they started. They are the leading makers of custom cabinets in Michigan. They create top quality cabinets using the best quality raw materials in the country and let their customers hire their services for an affordable price. The reason why they do this is because they feel that their customers deserve the best and since they do not need advertising, they lower down their prices. Customers’ satisfaction is very important for Showcase Cabinetry, Inc. 

Managing quality is very essential to a business like Showcase Cabinetry, Inc. that is why owner Ken Daugherty makes sure that the business gives the best to their customers. So even though the business does not utilize money for advertising, their customers do the advertising for them via word of mouth and referrals. Quality influences the reputation of the business. When one always offers quality with their products and services, they can be an important differentiator in competitive markets, just like Showcase Cabinetry. There are several businesses that cater to cabinets in Michigan but majority of the market go to them because of the great service they give their customers. 

Showcase Cabinetry, Inc. has various services to offer. One of these is creating custom cabinets. This type of cabinet is built to suit the specific needs of clients such as an unusual layout for a kitchen. It should be in their specifications and the place where it will be built in. The business makes sure that the needs of their clients are fulfilled because they believe that if they make customers happy, they get more of them.

In line with creation of cabinets, they also create beautiful doors that come in more than a hundred styles. The doors are at the front and center of every cabinet, which is why they create several designs to cater to the growing demands of clients. They use a wide range of wood species like solid Oak, Maple, Hickory, Knotty Pine, or Cherry Wood. These doors can also be stained, painted or glazed depending on your liking. These things are among the factors which make custom cabinets in Michigan very beautiful. These special cabinets will surely turn your kitchen into a room that awes.   

There are various types of cabinets in the market. There is the stock cabinet which is sold at home improvement stores. These cabinets are pre-assembled and pre-finished. These are the most economical option because they are usually the cheapest. But the downside is, since it is pre-made, it will not be a definite fit in some places of your home. And of course, the guarantee that it will last long is not an assurance. The next type of cabinet is what we call semi-custom. This is the type that can be customized in some areas – material, dimensions or finishing touches but not all. And finally, there are the custom build cabinets which are like tailor-made suits. They will fit the kitchen and make sure that the material, dimensions, size, designs, and finishing touches are just the way you want it.

Now that you have an idea of the different types of cabinets check, out the website of Showcase Cabinetry, Inc. for some of the best custom cabinets in Michigan. You can call them at 810-798-9966 for more details.