Tips on How to Gain Chimes from Bamboo and Tarpon in the Arc & Buy RS 3 Cheap Gold

It is known that RS players use Chimes as the currency in the closed market on the uncharted isles. And players can gather them by trading in resources such as bamboo, tarpon, and so on. Most importantly, Chimes obtained through this way cannot be transferred to your ports. However, players can use Chimes to buy some helpful resources and use them there. Now, some tips on how to gather Chimes are offered for you.

Cut Bamboo to collect Chimes

For your initial visit, early chime collecting is very important to earlier exploration of the Arc islands. Some ideas intended for collecting chimes in the early stages are as follows:

Players with 90+ woodcutting may decide to use a beaver familiar to increase the rate of bamboo collection. So that we advised you to fletch the bamboo into stacks to save on space and earn additional chimes. 5 stalks of bamboo can be turned into a bamboo bundle at level 96 Fletching. Note that a bundle can be sold for 10 Chimes.

Fish Tarpon to collect Chimes

Besides collecting Chimes from Bamboo, you can summon familiars such as granite lobster to increase the rate of tarpon fishing. Since an additional chime may be earned for cooking tarpon into fish oil, you may decide to unlock a cooking range for either island. For players with 92+ fishing, quicker chime collecting can be realized if the bank depository is unlocked on the whaler's maw island.

More and more Chimes will be gathered in your bank in the Arc by doing the above tips. Hope you can gain your own island with enough Chimes. In addition, if you don’t have enough RS 3 gold outside the Arc, you are welcomed to make purchases with RSorder.