Bob CAD-CAM CNC Software For Routers, WaterJet

The latest Bob CAD-CAM CNC Software is perfect for machining simple or complex 2D & 3D parts. The toolpath Wizards help you walk through the process of machining imported or designed geometry, removing the guesswork and getting you to g-code programs faster for CNC Routers, WaterJet, Plasma and Lasers.

Fast and efficient CAD-CAM for CNC Routers

BobCAD-CAM CNC programming solutions for CNC routers delivers efficient 2.5, 3, 4, and 5 axis machining abilities that takes advantage of your CNC router’s ability to perform simple and advanced machining operations. This easy to access CAD-CAM programming software is a complete design and a programming solution for engraving, artistic woodworking, sign making, production shape nesting and many more.

One can use CAD-CAM for CNC router software to effortlessly transition from designing 2D and 3D models to assign advanced high-speed tool-path strategies in the fully integrated and associative CAM software. A wizard guiding interface for CNC router operations does away with the guesswork out of CNC programming while Dynamic Machining Strategies reduces the programming time by allowing you to assign multiple cutting strategies to a single feature. Advanced simulation features helps to visually inspect and confirm works to give peace of mind in CNC

Features of BobCAD-CAM for CNC Routers :

      • Wood, Glass, Plastic, & Stone Cutting

Can be used for wood working as well as stone, plastic and glass machining

      • Multi axis CNC Router Support

Offers solutions for 2-5 axis capable machines which includes tilt based machining, 4 & 5 axis positioning, and full 4 & 5 axis contouring

      • Full Machine & Fixture Simulation

Allows users to define the limitations of the machine and use models to represent all of the machine components

      • Pocketing

Helps multiple pocketing patterns that can accommodate various machining conditions to give you more control over how you want to cut your pockets

      • Engraving

It is supported on both 2D and 3D parts so you can engrave text, patterns, logos, and more on just about anything. The software supports engraving true and open type fonts which includes all of the Windows fonts from your computer

Efficient CAD-CAM for CNC Laser, Plasma, & WaterJet Machines

CAD-CAM software for CNC laser, plasma, and waterjet machines delivers the power needed to machine everything from simple 2 axis to complex multi-axis parts cutting. It incorporates a full range of advanced and fully associative machining strategies through a simple wizard driven interface to make programming easier and quicker even for new and occasional users. Dynamic Machining Strategies offer reduction in programming time by allowing to assign multiple machining strategies to a single feature while advanced simulation functionality lets one test and confirm the work.

Features of BobCAD-CAM for CNC Laser, Plasma, & WaterJet :

      • Standard File Translators

Compatible with a large variety of file formats to give the flexibility needed when working with client files. (DXF, DWG, IGES, STEP, SAT, 3DM, X_T, X_B, SLDPRT, STL)

      • Create & Save Cutting Conditions

For obs with similar cutting conditions

      • Pipe Cutting, Notching, Coping

Provides solid simulation for custom machine configurations to allow you to visually inspect and confirm your programming process.

      • Tool path Patterns

Helps to program a single or multiple features and quickly pattern them out

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