Poet Esque Dollar's 29 Pairs of Shoes, A Spoken Word Message for Black Youth

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Tampa, Florida

While sports fans and analysts are focused on the #NBA Finals and who will reign supreme as champion, Poet, Speaker, Author, Success Coach, Esque Dollar, has done some #thoughtprovocations about #NBA marketing, #Jordan's, and the selling of an "American Dream," to black youth.  

His spoken word piece is titled 29 Pairs of Shoes.

"No matter how much you spend on clothes, no fabric will ever cover up the truth. Whether it be Nike, Prada, Gucci, or Luis, when it's all stripped away, you gotta be happy with you," says  Esque Dollar. 

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About Esque Dollar

Esque Dollar is a Tampa, Florida based Success Coach, Author, Speaker, Poet and the CEO of Esque Dollar & Associates

His new book is titled 30 b4 30, Discovering Me Through The Power of Reflection.

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