Market Analysis on Stem Cell - Types, Technologies and Therapeutics

Stem Cell - Types, Technologies and Therapeutics is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. This report gives a market insight into the ever progressing and debatable market of Stem Cells, segmented by type, technology and therapeutic area. Stem Cells by Type are further classified into Adult Stem Cells, Cord Blood Stem Cells, Embryonic Stem Cells and Other. Stem Cell Research by Technology is segmented into Stem Cell Transplantation, CB Genomics, Xenotransplantation, Cord Blood Banking and Other. The Therapeutic applications of Stem Cell Research are analyzed by area into Neurology, Orthopedics, Oncology, Hematology, Cardiology, Dermatology, Diabetes, Hepatology and Other. Historic, current and forecast markets are graphically illustrated by geographic regions encompassing North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of World. Business profiles of 61 major companies are discussed in the report. The report serves as a guide to global Stem Cell Market size covering more 1000 companies that are engaged in stem cell R&D, storage, banking, discovery, testing and supply of products and services. The report also gives a comprehensive global list of 200+ cord blood/stem cell banks. .Stem cell research has picked up pace like never before now. 

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The technology is leading to a new kind of cell-based medicine that is regenerative in nature. However, practicality and ethics dominate the ever controversial subject. Hence, it may take some more time, before a proper worldwide consensus emerges on the usage and procedures of stem cell research. While some countries approve, some oppose. Stem cell research is most likely to gather pace in countries with less regulatory controls. Of all the countries, China has the most favorable environment for research. The UK too has a strong research presence. The United States is the leader in stem cell research. However, the government controls the grants for research but places no restrictions on funds from private, state, or local government resources. Adult stem cells market is the largest tapped market while cord blood and embryonic stem cell markets, though with huge market potential, are still in infancy stages. With government regulations being amended in several countries, stem cell research is expected to pick up pace rapidly in the next few years. Countries are competing globally for getting an edge in stem cell research as breakthrough technologies in this field would herald the country?s medical expertise and dominance. Research and laboratory technologies are also progressing rapidly. The potential of stem cell research, both medically and economically, is leading to huge investments by biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies and governments too. Stem Cell Research report is an ideal research tool providing strategic business intelligence to the corporate sector.

Companies Mentioned

"apceth® GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) ArunA Biomedical, Inc. (USA) Asterias Biotherapeutics, Inc. (USA) Athersys, Inc. (USA) Axiogenesis AG (Germany) Beike Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (China) BioE, Inc. (USA) BioTime, Inc. (USA) BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics, Inc. (USA) Cell Care Pty. Ltd. (Australia) Cellectis bioresearch (France) Cellerant Therapeutics, Inc. (USA) CellResearch Corporation Pte., Ltd. (Singapore) Cells4Life Ltd. (UK) Cellular Dynamics International, Inc. (USA) Celyad (Belgium) Cesca Therapeutics, Inc. (USA) CordLife Group Ltd. (Singapore) Cryo-Cell International, Inc. (USA) Cryo-Save South Africa (South Africa) Cytori Therapeutics, Inc. (USA) EMD Millipore (USA) Epistem Holdings PLC (UK) Equine Partners America LLC (USA) Esperite NV (The Netherlands) Fate Therapeutics, Inc. (USA) Gamida Cell Ltd. (Israel) GE Healthcare (UK) Hucord Co., Ltd. (South Korea) International Stem Cell Corporation (USA) LifebankUSA (USA) LifeCell Corporation (USA) MEDIPOST Co., Ltd. (South Korea) Mesoblast Ltd. (Australia) Neuralstem, Inc. (USA) NeuroGeneration, Inc. (USA) Novartis AG (Switzerland) Novo Nordisk A/S (Denmark) Nuo Therapeutics, Inc. (USA) Osiris Therapeutics, Inc. (USA) Pluristem Therapeutics, Inc. (Israel) Q Therapeutics, Inc. (USA) ReInnervate Ltd. (UK) Reliance Life Sciences (India) ReNeuron Group PLC (UK) RhinoCyte, Inc. (USA) Roslin Cells Limited (UK) SanBio, Inc. (USA) Stem Cell Technology Research Center (Iran) STEMCELL Technologies, Inc. (USA) StemCells, Inc. (USA) Stemedica Cell Technologies, Inc. (USA) Stempeutics Research Pvt. Ltd. (India) TiGenix NV (Belgium) Trillium Therapeutics, Inc. (Canada) U.S. Stem Cell, Inc. (USA) Vericel Corporation (USA) ViaCord LLC (USA) ViaCyte, Inc. (USA) VistaGen Therapeutics, Inc. (USA) Zellwerk GmbH (Germany) "


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