Google Partner Badge Earned by MINT Social

Scottsdale, AZ -- MINT Social is pleased to announce that they have earned Google Partner status. This is thanks in large part to the hard work and determination of Account Manager Michael Bleb, who took on the challenge of becoming Google Adwords Certified, which completed the last step in becoming a Google Partner. Being a Google Partner means that MINT Social is acknowledged as having a healthy, current business, that uses Google products and platforms proficiently and to their optimal abilities.

MINT Social is now searchable in their Partner database so that advertisers can find reputable companies with proven track records and abilities tested or risk losing their Partnership Status. The benefits to working with a Google Partner ensure you've chosen a company with high service standards.

Michael Bleb was excited to become Adwords Certified. Not only did it help his company finish their Partner requirements, but Michael is happy it provides him with "a level of fluency and expertise in the finer points of digital advertising." Since his role at MINT Social is to set up, run and optimize all their clients paid advertising campaigns, he really took these exams seriously.

"The Advanced Search examination was the most labor-intensive. I spent 2 solid weeks studying the nuances of the various components of the course. The courses are filled with information and strategies that can drive really positive results for client campaigns, so my goal was to master the material as opposed to learning enough to pass the test" stated Bleb. Having the certification provides Bleb up to date with changes to Google Advertising and to be aware of best practices for his clients.

MINT Social is proud of this accomplishment because as a small social media marketing company they are proving they are a thriving business that you can trust, since Google does. It shows they are working to maintain competitive and knowledgeable about an always changing business and how to utilize Google's products to their fullest capabilities. Most importantly, they are proud of the dedication and effort put forth by their employee.

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About MINT Social

MINT Social is a boutique social media marketing and online branding company based in Arizona that establishes a presence for businesses in the fastest growing segment of the Internet. Incorporating a social media campaign into your existing marketing strategy, or helping you define and create your strategy, MINT Social utilizes content marketing, brand development and reputation management to build your online presence and clientele. For more information on working with Google Partner MINT Social, contact us today at