Evonik To focus majorly in Specialty Chemical Business & Huntsman to emphasize on Specialty polymers.

A recent report  Strategic Assessment of worldwide Specialty Chemical Market  has been published by Beige Market Intelligence. The report has identified the key vendors   who are competitive player in the specialty chemical market.

Speciality chemicals refer to unique molecules or mixtures of molecules that are used on the basis of their performance or function. They are also referred to "formulation" chemicals. The differentiating component between specialty chemicals and commodity chemicals is that the former has specified target segments and unique applications.

Speciality chemicals cannot be manufactured in large volume unless there is a concrete demand for these chemicals. In such a scenario, it was always the larger players that would dominate this market as they had the resources and could target their already large customer base. The competitive landscape has changed with a number of several specialty chemical players and commodity players integrating vertically or horizontally to make the best of this high-growth chemical market.

The detailed  report Strategic Assessment of Worldwide Specialty Chemical Market have identified the key vendors for the market share .


Evonik  industries is one of the world’s leading specialty Chemical companies.  It is owned by RAG Foundation. The industry deals with chemicals, energy and real estate. According to the research done by Beige market intelligence source says that  Its specialty chemicals business generates around 80% of sales in areas in which it holds leading market positions. Furthermore Evonik industry has  divested its former holdings in the areas of energy and real estate and now focuses on the core business of specialty chemicals- says analyst at Beige Market Intelligence.


Huntsman Corporation  is a American multinational company having headquarters in woodland and texas. In 2014 Huntsman was the second largest producer of titanium dioxide and inorganic color pigments to be used as paints and industrial coatings. According to the report Strategic Assessment of worldwide Specialty chemical Market Huntsman is going to emphasize on specialty polymers.

The report also gives a study of other key players such as  Akzo Nobel, Ashland, BASF, DOW, DSM, DuPont, Eastman, Exxon Mobil, Henkel, Lanxess, SABIC, Solvay and Sumitomo Chemical.

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