It's calving season at Lockhart Cattle Company

Little white faces have begun to dot the pastures at Lockhart Cattle Company just south of Jackson. Calving season is the busiest time of year on the grassfed cattle ranch run by the Lockhart Family.
Like for most ranches in the region, this time of year is filled with “daily emergencies and lots of mud,” says Chase Lockhart who handles the day-to-day ranch activities.
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Most mother cows can calve in the field without help but first-time mothers (heifers) often need some assistance to make sure mom and baby stay healthy and bond well. “I don’t get as much sleep this time of year because someone needs to check on the pregnant cows and new calves in the middle of the night,” says Chase.
Calving season starts slightly later in Jackson compared to other parts of the state due to the mountain weather conditions and a later snowmelt. Luckily, Jackson Hole is known for world-class grass that Lockhart cattle get to graze on all summer long until the snow covers the ground in late fall. In the winter, Lockhart cows switch to eating grass the family cuts and bales during the summer.
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“We’re proud that our cows are born, raised, and butchered in Jackson Hole, and that they never eat anything but grass from this valley” says Cody Lockhart.
Lockhart Cattle Company offers half and whole beefs for sale — butchered any way you’d like. The ranch also sells beef through the Local Butcher, the Aspens Market, Pearl Street Market, Liquor Down South Market, and at many Jackson Hole restaurants.
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