Indochina Travel Company- Your Partner While Travelling

Indochina Travel Company is the first North American company helping to explore all the unexplored places in the world. They are an organized group of experienced and leading travelers, who arranges tours for their guests since 1993. They have been able to organize exceptional private luxury tours in Asia. Localized staff, and premier escorts make sure that the journey is carefully managed, well planned and of the best quality.

They have almost all the places in their travel list. Name them, and they are ready with all the details. The destinations in which they travel are Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indian, Myanmar, Borneo, Laos, Cambodia, and Bhutan.

What Kind Of Tours Do They Arrange?

They arrange customized private tours for solo travel or for couples, or travel with whosoever, family or friends. They provide private jet charters in Bhutan and Myanmar, which have limited commercial flights, to make the travel faster and better. They also arrange short air transfer trips. They also have international air charters for the ease and convenience of private regional trips.

Companies can avail their special services for the better stay of their company clients. These people ensure full comfort of the business professionals.

Why Choose Them As Travel Partners?

There are many reasons make Indochina Travel Company the travelling choice. They are-

·         Experience- They has more than fifty years of experience and they are the leaders in organizing trips. They have organized trips from Hanoi headquarters for more than 20 years, to Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar.

·         Total Service- They cover all ranging from VIP arrangements, luxury transport, matching perfect accommodations, and special events. If there is any need to travel by private jet or helicopter charter, they can make all arrangements for family persons, business professionals or friends all over Asia.

·         Personal touch- They add a personal touch to the travel of their guests, by making notes of their birthdays, and provide special arrangements according to the client’s preference before travel. A tour manager carefully monitors the tour of each location 24-hours a day. Local staffs also help in arranging special events. They are also ready to help during emergency hours with local medical services.

·         Affordability-They provide quite affordable touring services in and around Asia as compared to other tour companies.

They are a good option to be chosen while traveling as they provide their guests with all the comfort and luxury while travelling. They are always ready to serve their guest needs, if they are contacted in the following addresses-

Indochina Travel Company

1283 12th Ave

San Francisco, California U.S.A.94101

Telephone: (415) 731-4377

EMERGENCY (24-hour): (415) 680-3788