iFastPCB Began Offering Fast PCB Prototyping Services for Electronics Parts Manufacturers and OEM Suppliers


China - In a welcome move, one of China’s fastest growing PCB manufacturing companies, iFastPCB recently announced that their fast PCB prototyping services have got off the ground. The owners said that their target is to reach the salient benefits of software-based PCB prototyping and PCB manufacturing to their clients dotted across China and beyond. They said that the services that they are offering now are a continuation of what they have been since their inception, albeit more technology-dependent.

Speaking about the technologies they use, the owners said that they now use Vertical Continuous Plating, 3D PCB manufacturing technology, high-precision prototyping technologies and the likes. The owners claimed that the manufacturing process they follow is the best-in-class in the domestic market as of now. Also, they now follow the common standards such as IPC-ESD-2020, IPC-SA-61A, IPC-AC-62A, IPC-DRM-40E, IPC–TA–722, IPC–7525, IPC/EIA-J–STD–004, IPC/EIA-J–STD–005, IPC/EIA-J–STD–006A, IPC-Ca-821 and many others. The owners proclaimed that their strength lies in their research and development capabilities.

“Our PCB production unit ensures that the chances of wrong wirings and short circuits are completely mitigated. Since we mass-produce the PCBs, the PCBs are a lot cheaper than the manually manufactured PCBs. Also prototyping and reproduction comes easier since we make the most use of automated software programs”, said a divisional head of the manufacturing unit of the Shenzhen, China based company. He also added that broken circuits and other issues are completely eliminated since they use a proven-effective manufacturing method which is followed by world’s top PCB manufacturers.

The CEO of the PCB fabrication and manufacturing company appeared briefly in a press conference and described his company’s key objectives. “We want to tell our investors and stakeholders that with time, we will increase investment in research and development even more. Whether it’s about PCB prototyping or manufacturing, we are always eager to embrace latest technologies. It seems that the export market has its doors open for us and we would like to go all guns blazing to increase our overseas exports this year”, he said during a press event, while also adding that the main objective is to reduce downtime.

About the Company

iFastPCB is a China based PCB prototyping and manufacturing company.

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