New brand of insoles, exclusively for independent retailers.

CALGARY, Alberta. (March 15, 2016) - Kneed Footwear launches this month with insoles designed to take into consideration not only the shape of the human foot, but also the platform for which it was designed, starting with two models. The first is a full length insole for running shoes (KNEED2Run) and the second a three-quarter length insole for lifestyle sneakers (KNEED2Be). In addition, as the market trend continues to favor online shopping, Kneed Footwear has decided to go against the current trend and exclusively support independent brick and mortar footwear dealers.

"Most of the insoles and orthotics on the market only take into consideration the shape of the foot and then expect you to fit and cut the insoles into a very general category of footwear (e.g. medium volume). Your foot has a drastically different experience inside a running shoe than it does a work boot, " says Kneed co-founder, Jonathan Koops. "We designed our running insoles (KNEED2Run) to optimally replace and upgrade the sockliner inside your neutral running shoes. We designed our lifestyle insoles (KNEED2Be) to optimally be placed on top of the liner inside your favorite, unsupportive sneakers."

The founders of Kneed are not new to the insole market, but this time wanted to do something drastically different as it relates to distribution by making their products available exclusively through independent footwear dealers. Kneed co-founder, Karen Henry says "What was initially a relationship based decision became strongly influenced by local economics. Independent businesses are an integral part of economical sustainability in their local community. They pay taxes, support charities, and purchase services from local professionals. Whether we are talking about coffee shops or footwear stores, you need locally owned businesses to thrive."

"The current footwear marketplace too often uses the local retailer as a showroom and then the customer is poached by other non-local online retailers to purchase products through aggressive pricing strategies. If this trend was to continue indefinitely the community would be losing not only that valuable fitting resource but also their economic contribution. We want to prove a model that benefits from the mutual advocacy of the relationship between brand and retailer” says Koops.

About Kneed:

Founded in 2016, Kneed Footwear produces insoles for running shoes and lifestyle sneakers. The products, KNEED2Run and KNEED2Be, are optimally designed to give you the support, cushioning, and flexibility you need to ensure optimal performance, comfort, and pain relief inside running shoes and lifestyle sneakers. Kneed Footwear products are available exclusively at independent footwear dealers.

Media Contact:

Co-founder, Jonathan Koops

(888) 737-3348 x2