LCR-Reader Probe Connector for Measuring Larger Components and Complete PCB Probing

Siborg Systems Inc. has released their newest product, the LCR-Reader Probe Connector. This extension kit allows LCR-Reader and Smart Tweezers LCR- and ESR-meters into a Probe Station for fully testing PCBs and allows the devices to be able to measure components larger than the tweezers' tips would normally allow.

The Probe Connector is a shielded two-wire connector that is easily installed onto LCR-Reader with 5 different probe connectors for different tasks: alligator clips, long and short pin-probes, spade connector and 4 mm multimeter jack plugs. The shielded wire virtually eliminates additional offsets due to the parasitics of the wires. 

The ability to use LCR-Reader with different connectors allows the device to measure components that would not otherwise fit between the tweezer probes of the device. The extension connects by removing one of the tweezer tips and replacing with the flat end of the connector. The probe selected is screwed into the other end of the Probe Connector's 60 cm long wire. 

LCR-Reader is a fully automatic LCR- and ESR-meter that automatically determines the type of component upon contact with the gold-plated tweezer probes. The device will decide the best test range for that component and measure with a 0.5% basic accuracy. All measurement values, including any secondary values, test parameters used and the type of component are instantly available on the OLED display. LCR-Reader is an essential tool for all work involving SMDs, including quick identification of unknown components and testing and debugging.

The LCR-Reader Probe Connector is available in the LCR-Reader Store for only $24.99 USD. Siborg has recently relaunched their online store with a plethora of new "task kits"; these kits include a device (LCR-Reader or Smart Tweezers) and extra accessories for the device (spare probes, batteries, etc.). These kits offer customers a discount depending on the number of accessories, compared to buying each piece separately. 

Siborg has also begun offering LCR-Reader Calibration Certificates. These NIST Traceable Certificates are created specifically for the device purchased with the certificate. The lack of calibration was previously an issue with professionals and left the LCR-Reader overlooked for the more expensive Smart Tweezers devices.

Visit the LCR-Reader Store to see all the LCR-Reader Probe Connector and Siborg's other products and offerings.