COBI Turns Every Bike Ride Into a Smart Cycling Experience

Frankfurt, Germany (July 20, 2016)—With the growth of cycling in cities across the country, this is what the future of urban mobility looks like. COBI (short for Connected Biking) is a smartbike system that blends innovative urban bicycling culture with advanced technology. An intelligent connection between the bicycle and its rider’s smartphone creates a totally new experience. This internationally award-winning system enhances bicycles and modern e-bikes with a variety of intelligent functions for better safety, greater convenience, and more fun on any ride. The future of bike-based mobility begins with COBI – a new and trailblazing dimension of bicycling.

Want to listen to your favorite music, check out the weather forecast, access cycling data in real time, or talk on the phone while you’re on the road? No problem. COBI turns every bike trip into a connected experience. And thanks to the built-in thumb-operated controller, you never have to take your hands off the handlebars… or your eyes off the road. Available for iOS and Android, the COBI system is compatible with all bicycles and almost every smartphone. Simply insert your smartphone into the COBI Hub to effectively turn your phone into an onboard computer. The COBI Hub protects your smartphone, charges it while you ride, and lets you control it via the thumb-operated controller.

No matter whether you’re riding a fixed-gear, a cruiser, or your favorite commuter, COBI always gives your smartphone a central and secure place. Additional functions such as an automatic light, alarm system, and bell offer even more convenience.

The heart of the system is the COBI app. With diverse functionalities and an intuitive user interface, this app is custom tailored to meet the needs of today’s cyclists. Easy access to contacts, playlists, cycling data, weather forecasts, and navigation is at your fingertips. The COBI app is also open source so anyone can add features and functionality.

Turn-by-turn navigation provided by Open Street Map helps you effortlessly navigate from Point A to Point B while choosing from three different routes: the shortest one, the fastest one, or the quietest one with the least traffic. This lets riders choose the route that’s right for them, from a quick sprint home to a leisurely urban discovery tour.

COBI makes it easy and problem-free to connect headsets, music accounts, fitness trackers (such as Strava), and more through the COBI Hub via Bluetooth 4.0. All data are presented in real time on the smartphone’s display. 

Ride to work, go shopping, cruise across town to your favorite café, or take a discovery tour through your home city: COBI revolutionizes biking and transforms every ride into a special experience. COBI reveals new horizons above the pavement.

About COBI

Designed and engineered in Germany in 2014, Kickstarter-funded COBI is the first integrated system to intelligently connect your bike with your smartphone for an all-in-one smartphone holder with charging function, bike computer, navigation system, security alarm, bell, and light. COBI was named the Prototype and Overall Winner at the 2014 Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards, 2014 IoT Innovation World Cup Innovator of the Year, and 2015 Best of Mobile Innovation Winner. COBI has over 60 employees worldwide with offices in San Francisco and Frankfurt, Germany. For additional information, please visit

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