Mt. Baker Cable Moves Their Broadband Services and Diagnostics to ZCorum


ZCorum, an industry leader in the deployment of managed diagnostics tools and software for broadband providers announced the successful transition of Mt. Baker Cable TV to ZCorum's managed broadband services. The move from their previous provider to ZCorum gives the Washington State company several key services and tools including a suite of broadband diagnostics tools, device provisioning for their data subscribers, engineering support and network monitoring.

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Prior to signing with ZCorum, Mt Baker had monitoring and diagnostic tools from another managed services company but had never been satisfied with the service they received.  They began searching for a solution that would better meet their needs.

“The company we were previously with was bought out and everything changed drastically. We wanted to find something better,” said Terri Adams who owns Mt. Baker Cable along with her husband Dan.  “I’m happy to say we have far more support with ZCorum than we’ve been getting for the past few years.”

As part of the move to ZCorum, Mt. Baker is now using TruVizion , ZCorum's patented cable modem and CMTS diagnostic application.  TechVizion, the companion mobile app for TruVizion is also part of the package.  The app gives field personnel the ability to have visibility to modems on their network, at any time, from any location on phones and tablets.  In addition, the suite of diagnostics tools includes the latest technology for DOCSIS Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) and return path monitoring with ZCorum's  PreEqualization Analyzer  and  Upstream Analyzer . Mt. Baker also has access to ZCorum’s Bandwidth Commander which enforces usage management on the provider’s pricing tiers and network use policies.

ZCorum's President and Chief Executive Officer, Julie Compann, expressed her gratitude that Mt. Baker has become a part of the ZCorum family. "We are delighted to be working with Mt. Baker Cable and are looking forward to building on our relationship with them. We're honored that they've made the move to ZCorum and placed their trust in us to help with their broadband services."

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