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Martin Sumichrast Boating Announces Launch of Exciting new Blog Covering Yachts, Boating Design and Boating Life in General

For many people boating isn't just a hobby, it's an absolute passion.  Lifelong boating enthusiast Martin Sumichrast of Martin Sumichrast Boating certainly agrees, and recently announced the launch of his new blog where he shares his knowledge and insight in all areas of the boating world with eager readers.

May 21, 2016

Man's connection with the sea and with boating travels far back into ancient times.  This relationship continues today, finding new ways to express itself in the latest yachts, in innovative boat design and through the passion men and women of all kinds find when boating or working on their beloved crafts.  There's good news for people who share these interests.  Martin Sumichrast Boating has recently announced the launch of their new blog dedicated to boating design, yachts and the entire boating lifestyle, delivering articles that are sure to bring value and entertainment to anyone with an interest in the activity.  Early readers have met the blog with enthusiasm.

“All my life, I have had a passion for writing about boats and investigating boating designs,”  commented Martin Sumichrast about the new blog.  “My father use to have me visit his shipyard while growing up and the desire to learn all I could has stayed with me ever since.  It's my pleasure to be able to share this with readers, to see their thoughts and be part of the greater boating community.”

Recent articles have looked at eye opening boat designs that have recently appeared, and a discussion of Yacht Week a favorite event of many boat lovers worldwide.  The writing style has been credited for its warmth and friendliness, making the blog appropriate both to experienced vets and those newly interested in the boating lifestyle.

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