Top Educational Consultant in Singapore Launches Dedicated Service

OAL, a reputable educational consultant in Singapore, has launched its dedicated service for students who wish to study overseas in Australia and other countries. OAL’s personalized service is designed to find the best option for each student, as every student would have different study goals, areas of interest and financial resources.

A spokesperson for OAL noted that with today’s highly educated workforce, it is of utmost importance that students find the right course and are equipped with the right skills when applying for an institution of higher learning. This is so that their area of study would be relevant to the modern workforce demands, while also being a subject of interest to them. To further complicate matters, there are many more colleges and institutions today than 10 years ago, making the job of finding the right course in the right college a bigger challenge.

OAL is positioned to capture the demand for study overseas consultants, as they have been in business for decades. Starting off from simple advisory services on visa applications, OAL has now grown into a full-fledged overseas education consultant, showing students how to apply to study overseas, especially in countries such as Australia which are ever-popular. The company is confident in finding a suitable choice for every student who engages their services.

About OAL

Overseas Academic Link Pte Ltd (OAL) was formed to help students make an informed decision on studying overseas, and the courses and institutions available. It prides itself on being a one-stop centre for Singaporean students aiming to study overseas.

Contact Person: Ms Serene
Contact Number: +65 6224 4775
Address: 101 Cecil Street #18-02, Tong Eng Building, Singapore 069533
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